Our Portfolio

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Our Products Range

Brouchures, Soft/Hard Cover Books, Magazines, Wiro Bind Jobs, Menus, Calenders, Corporate Papers, Paper Bags, Costomized Design Works


Hardcover Books

Books, Catalogues, Dairies, Notebooks

Sewn treading block, end papers, spine ( straight or round), book mark, head and tail bands

We can produce the hard cover with paper, artificial leather or linen with our without Jacket and casebox as well. 

Also Flexocover and hidden wir-o harcover can be produced. 

Sewn Soft Cover and Perfect Binding

Brouchure, Catalogues, Magazines Hot melt as well as PUR gluing

Saddle Stitching

Magazines, Brouchures, Notebooks

We also offer saddle stitching with eye rings for hanging into binders. 

Wir-O Binding

Calenders, Notebooks, Catalogues, Brochures


Metal plating for cover corners Various types of Packaging like paper, shring, box




Elastic Bands

Slip cases fro books

Other Various of Finishings

Die Cuttings

Different kind of cover materials like artificial leather, pp, linen

Different type of Varnishing like spot, dispersion


Colour book Edge (3 sides) Round Corners