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GraphIc Desıgn Technology

We provide the graphics services our customers need with our experienced team. We are able to produce your graphic works in accordance with your corporate identity quickly. For your ready designs, we check the pdf files if they are suitable for printing and inform you ASAP. When they are OK, we get the digital approval from you or print ozalits and make your jobs ready for printing with CTP.

Offset Prıntıng Technology

Technological developments for ÖzlemPrint is very important for the print production. We produce 16,000 sheets per hour at high quality with our 5+lac offset printing press. With the help of the EIZO screens, we constantly control our quality by keeping our print quality stable with the PCD Clear meter.

Prınt Fınıshıng

It is very important for us to be on time with perfect job deliveries. After printing, our presses add value with its expert staff, equipped with special effects applications such as folding, binding, wire stitching, thread sewing, hard cover, special cutting and bonding and all kinds of printing. Result: perfect jobs ready to deliver.

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Your Advantage

Strong Solutıon Partner

Allways trusted one to our customer since 1985.


Using ERP and having ISO 9001:2012 quality control during the whole production processes is easy and sustainable .


All parts of the production process under the one roof allow us to optimise the delivery dates.


It is very easy to reach your contact and get answers about your job.


Easy to reach and produce last minitue jobs .


Exports have a distinct place in the rise of our quality and services. Our firm, which is a member of the Turkish Exporters Association working under the Ministry of Economy of Turkey, participates in fairs in Europe and America since 2016. We gain reliable new customers and make our company known on international platform.